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Information for Employers GTO v AASN

What is the difference between a Group Training Organisation and an Australian Apprenticeship Centre?


Australian Apprenticeship Support Network is fully funded by the Australian government. Most Group Training Organisations receive some funding from the State and Federal governments under a Joint Funding Agreement. This funding only covers a small part of the organisations operational expenses and Group Training Organisations do not depend entirely on government funding to survive.

This funding is appreciated, however, we would encourage both levels of government to consider providing additional assistance to these vital organisations which provide a service on a non-profit basis to the community and contribute a brighter future for our apprentices, trainees and the communities in which we work.


What is a Group Training Organisation?

Golden West Apprenticeships is a Group Training Organisation (GTO) and as such we act as the Group Employer of Apprentices and Trainees. Our contracted employees apprentices and trainees are placed with Host Employer businesses who can provide on-the-job expertise and training for all or part of the apprentice and trainee’s training requirements. The Vocational Education Training (VET) framework provides the balance of the apprentice and trainee formal training through Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) such as TAFE.

GTOs operate under the Federal government formal framework of the National Standards for Group Training Organisations administered through the State and Territories Training Authorities (STAs). The Queensland authority is the Department of Education and Training (DET).

GTOs are required to comply with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations which ensures that all dealings with the Host Employers and Apprentices are professional, ethical, entirely transparent and outcome focused. GTOs are required to operate under strict and effective Corporate Governance policies to ensure GTOs Board of Directors and Management adhere to an auditable Code of Conduct.


What is Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider?

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider is contracted and fully funded by the Australian Government to administer training contracts, incentive payments and personal benefits to Apprentices and Trainees.

They are required to market, promote and provide information on Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships in their local areas, work to provide integrated services with State and Territory Training Authorities and to establish
effective relationships with Commonwealth contracted job network providers, GTOs, RTOs, schools and community organisations.

An AASN provider will:

  • Lodge training contracts for apprentices and trainees with DET for Registration.
  • Some AASN providers may notify your preferred Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that a new apprentice has commenced employment with your business and requires a training plan to be prepared, nothing further.
  • Conduct a series of visits to the worksite of new apprentices to confirm the employee is still working for the employer to justify payment of Commonwealth Incentives.
That is all AASN provider is required to do.

Under the current system, some AASN providers also operate as GTOs. In Queensland these include:

  • MEGT (Australia) Limited
  • Busy-at-Work Apprenticeship Services
  • MREAL Limited
  • Sarina Russo Apprenticeships

More information on the Benefits of hiring an Apprentice or Trainee through a Group Training Organisation is available here.

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