Apprenticeship Information for Parents and Carers

Golden West Apprenticeships is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that specialises in group employment of apprentices and trainees. As the legal employer, Golden West Apprenticeships places apprentices and trainees with local host employers, where they receive ‘on-the-job’ training as part of their apprenticeship or traineeship.  

When your child begins an apprenticeship or traineeship with Golden West Apprenticeships, they are in good hands. Golden West will ensure that all necessary paperwork, including the Training Contract, is signed by all parties. They will also consult with both the apprentice or trainee and the host employer to select a training organisation and negotiate a Training Plan.  

The benefits of being an apprentice or trainee with Golden West Apprenticeships are that:

  • Your child will get paid each week, while they learn their trade.
  • Your child has more certainty of ongoing work due to our network of local host employers.
  • Your child’s training is organised and managed by Golden West making sure that your training is of high quality and delivered on time.
  • You have a dedicated Training and Employment Coordinator who is here to help your child every step of the way.

Golden West Apprenticeships know that starting an apprenticeship or traineeship and entering the workforce for the first time can be a big step for a young person, and it’s crucial to understand what to expect and how your child can be supported during this time.  Golden West offer one-on-one support, and regular face to face visits through the apprenticeship or traineeships to make sure your child receives quality mentorship and personal support throughout their apprenticeship or traineeship.   

Hear what our apprentices say about our services:

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