Where are they now – Kody’s Story

For our 30th Anniversary, Golden West Apprenticeships spoke to some of our past apprentices and trainees to find out what they are doing now.

After not enjoying school, Kody McColm decided at the end of Grade 10, it was time to seek out a new way learning that was more for him.  It was 2009 and at the time, Golden West Apprenticeships was recruiting for an apprentice boilermaker with local host employer, Lionel Moore Trailers.

Kody took the apprenticeship like a duck to water and excelled through his apprenticeships studies. “As a young person, working in a grown up environment, I had to learn pretty quickly” said Kody.  “But working with Golden West Apprenticeships, I always felt supported.  Amanda, my Training and Employment Coordinator was easy to talk to when I needed her, and always pointed me in the right direction”.

After completing his apprenticeship in 2013, Kody stayed with Lionel Moore Trailers and has been a leading hand and supervisor to the current apprentices within the business.

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